Photo to Movie 4.6 Released with YouTube Upload and Graphic Objects


Chris Meyer
LQ Graphics, Inc.
7172 Regional St. #297
Dublin, CA 94568

Photo to Movie 4.6 Released with YouTube Upload and Graphic Objects

Dublin, CA — July 14, 2010 — LQ Graphics released Photo to Movie 4.6, their popular slideshow product for Mac OS and Windows. The new version includes integrated YouTube uploading, integrated iDVD support, graphic objects, and automatic photo captioning.

Building on previous releases, Photo to Movie 4.6 makes it easy for users to build their slideshow with titles and music, render it to a video file, and even upload the video file directly to YouTube.

In addition, the new version includes the ability to insert graphic objects such as a company logo, much in the same way titles have been available in the past. The user can apply entrance and exit effects to the graphic objects just as they can to titles.

Also with Photo to Movie 4.6, the user can easily apply captions to their photos based on the photo title, photo date, or other meta data.

Photo to Movie produces some of the highest quality slideshows possible using an adaptive blurring algorithm developed specially for photos in motion. The adaptive blurring algorithm minimizes the aliasing effects (flickering) that occurs when detailed photos are moved slowly in a slideshow.

Photo to Movie includes an extensive titling system, over 25+ transition effects including dissolves, wipes, and 3-D effects, and multiple audio tracks. It supports a wide range of rendering options, making it suitable for producing videos destined for BluRay, DVD, high definition TV, the web, email, or any other application.

Photo to Movie has been used to produce documentary videos airing on public television stations and cable television. It has been used in broadcast commercials. And at the same time it has been used to produce slideshows for home users, wedding photographers, churches, funeral homes, real estate, and commercial projects of all sorts.

Photo to Movie is available for Mac OS and Windows. Free technical support is provided via email. The website contains a wide variety of support material including video tutorials.

Photo to Movie was originally released in 2002 and has received repeated updates over the last eight years. There are currently more than 10,000 Photo to Movie users world-wide.

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