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New features in Photo to Movie 5.0

Learn more about Photo to Movie 5 by clicking here.

LayoutsShow your photos in interesting layouts like grids and collages.
EffectsAdd effects such as borders, blurs, shadows, and more.
BackgroundsSet the background to patterns, a photo, textures, etc.
Timeline MarkersUse markers to match effects to your audio.
Aspect RatioSet the key frame aspect ratio on a photo by photo basis.
Voice RecorderRecord voice overs to accompany your photos.

New features in Photo to Movie 4.7

Video Clips (Mac OS Only)Support for adding video clips to the timeline.
Timeline ImprovementsAdded ability to adjust track heights.

New features in Photo to Movie 4.6

YouTube UploadAdded YouTube panel to Make Movie dialog.
iDVD IntegrationAdded iDVD panel to Make Movie dialog (Mac OS only).
Graphic ObjectsAdded ability to add graphic objects in much the same way as titles are added.
Title LinkingAdded ability to link titles and graphic objects to specific photos.
Photo LabelsAdded ability to automatically label all photos with name, date, time, etc.
Title EditingAdded ability to change font and color of multiple titles at once.
Title AlignmentAdded ability to align multiple titles or graphic objects to each other.
Title BackgroundsAdded a panel for setting title backgrounds.

New features in Photo to Movie 4.5

This version of Photo to Movie brings the Windows version to the same feature level as the Mac version.

The major new features:

Improved Rendering: Motion blur option and photo-by-photo adaptive blur settings.

Cross Platform Compatibility: Files are interchangeable between the two platforms; best used with Gather Media....

Transitions: Includes numerous new transitions such as flip, cube, gradient wipe, and several others.

Multiple Audio and Title Tracks: Multiple audio and title tracks allow easier editing and organization of your slideshow.

Integrated Media Browser: The media browser gives you instant and easy access to photos and music stored on your computer.

Automatic Updating: The automatic updating system will alert you when a new version is available, download it, and install it for you.

Title Effects: Title effects allow you to add animation to your titles such as fades, moves, scales, and typewriter effects.

Gather Media: Automatically have Photo to Movie gather your photos and audio into a single folder for archiving.

Fit to Audio: Stretch or shrink your photo track to match the duration of your audio track.

Document Recovery: Automatically reconstruct your working document after a crash or a power loss.

Crash Reporter: Automatically report crashes to the developers to help improve the software.