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"Photo to Movie zooms past the iMovie simulacrum of [photo motion effects], enabling you to set multiple keyframes to control the camera along curved paths, specify parameters using specific values, and adjust the speed of easing into and out of the motion."

TidBITS #762/17-Jan-05

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Photo to Movie is the deluxe ginsu knife set of digital slideshows, for when iPhoto and iMovie just won't cut it.

MacHOME February 2005

"Photo To Movie is one very cool application." - Charles W. Moore Reviews Photo To Movie 3.1.11

"It's simple and does what it does better than any other. Photo to Movie takes a digital photo (from your iPhoto collection, a scan, whatever) and turns it into a motion movie segment."

Mac360, 2nd Best Utility Ever

Photo to Movie is a breeze--just drag in a picture to get started ... It's totally uncomplicated.

MacAddict June 2003

"PTM's user interface is quite elegant and the learning curve is negligible."

HubbleMac, Rating 4.5 Stars


User Testimonials

"Photo to Movie is positively addicting. The interface is inspired: simple and intuitive. And once you see the seamless pans and zooms on your still frames, you'll never go back to iMovie or Final Cut Pro's tools. They simply don't work as well. This is powerful software for the creative video amateur or professional."

Tim Johnson, Director of Antz

"Thank you very much. Can't live without this program."

Thomas, Photo to Movie User

"My first project was a 15 minute anniversary 'slideshow' that your product absolutely made great. I've gotten more favorable comments on that project than anything I've done to date."

Gregg, Photo to Movie User

"I have presented demos to clients and they LOVE it, so its going to earn me MONEY!"

Robbi Newman, Robbi Newman Photography

"I'm running a small business and your product has literally allowed me to change the way I do business."

"I create 10 to 30 slideshows a week, and that number will only go up. I had been using Final Cut or After Effects I wasn't happy with those options. Final Cut gives little control over interpolating keyframes. After Effects takes forever to render."

"Since I do some much work with stills, I started looking for another solution. Long story short, your app allows me to build much, much faster and with greater control over every movement."

Erick, Photo to Movie User

"I bought PhotoToMovie 3.1.3 and it's fantastic! I'm highly impressed with what this app is enabling me to do... I'm using some very hi-res satellite images of Earth, some of which weigh in at over 200mb, and PTM is taking them all in its stride."

Ric, Making Movies for European Space Agency

"I first tried iDVD, which did a horrendous job, and then tried iMovie, which was a little better to work with but the image quality was horrible. So I downloaded your trial software and was overjoyed to see that it did pan & zoom and dissolves all on its own! With over 1000 photos, it would have been a nightmare to put all those dissolves in by hand in iMovie. $49 was well worth it. Thanks."

Kim, Photo to Movie User

"Your product saved us so much time in Final Cut Pro and with superior results. Your interface was extremely intuitive and we were up and running instantly! You should be extremely proud of your product. Quality, affordability, ease of use, you score 10's in all categories... not to mention top notch web accessibility and product distribution. You sold us with your demo. We were able to compare to three other similar softwares and you won hands down."

Jeff, Photo to Movie User