How to Make a Slideshow? Easy.
Photo to Movie Slideshow Software.

  • Make a slideshow with music and titles.
  • HD output for best quality slideshow.
  • Easy to use, Mac OS or Windows.
  • Unlimited photos, music, and titles.
  • Smooth photo motion effects.

Use Photo Layouts

Use grids and collages and other layouts to create your slideshow.


Add Slideshow Photo Effects

Add spectacular visual effects to your slideshow photos.


Use smooth photo motion effects

Smoothly focus on the specific parts of your photos using motion.


Add Slideshow Backgrounds

Backgrounds add style and emotion to your slideshow.


Play Music and Sound

Include the perfect music, sound effects, and narration.


Add Titles and Graphics

High quality, unlimited titles. Title effects. Embed graphics.


Use Photo Transitions

20+ built-in transitions to smoothly transition between photos.


How Easy Is It to Make a Slideshow with Photo to Movie?

How do you make a slideshow using Photo to Movie?

  • Collect your photos and add them to the timeline.
  • Organize them into layouts, add backgrounds.
  • Add smooth photo motion effects, and transition effects.
  • Add custom titles and music from your library.
  • Render to HD high quality video and use online or on DVD.

"Great software. I've used it every year for about 5 years now to generate slide shows for my wife's school."
- Thomas B., May 2012

Create a Slideshow Without the Limitations of Online Tools or Other Applications

Use photo layouts, photo effects, motion effects, and backgrounds to display your photos just the way you like them. Use grids or collages. Zoom into specific parts of your photo. Use backgrounds to add style and emotion. You can customize everything.

layout 1 layout 2 layout 3

Put the titles and music where YOU want them to go

Photo to Movie includes a sophisticated title editor. Put the titles where you want them to go. Use as many as you want, with as many styles as you want. Set the timing and position for titles and music.

Create a family slideshow, wedding slideshow, and much more

Use Photo to Movie slideshow software for weddings, families, real estate, memorial services, storytelling, commercials, and much more. Photo to Movie gives you the flexibility to create the slideshow you want to create.

Produce HD quality video to use online or on DVD.

Render your slideshow to almost any movie format. Our custom algorithm nearly eliminates flickering and flashing found in other software. Present your slideshow online on your own website, on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and more. Or burn it to DVD for easy distribution to friends and family.

What Do Photo to Movie Customers Say?

"A great program, I've owned it for almost 10 years now."
- Wayne D., April 2012

"I use Photo to Movie for family stories, vacation photos to music, birthday parties. I am the media guy in the family who puts together the presentations. I find your software incredibly easy to use vs. Powerpoint, etc."
- Donald W., April 2012

"I use it for personal use and I love it. I have had it for a number of years after finding that the Apple programs didn't do what exactly I wanted to do. I find it easy to work in."
- Jackie, April 2012

"I just love the program and it is far easier to use and produces a high quality product."
- Carolyn, February 2012

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