August 2010 Newsletter


Welcome to the Photo to Movie Newsletter

August 2010

Welcome to the August 2010 Photo to Movie newsletter.

Summer Slideshow Summer is almost over and the kids are going back to school. Why not take the time now to put together the very best summer photos of the beach, camping, hiking, parties, or whatever and make a movie celebrating the summer of 2010? Read the article below to see how easy it is.

Photo to Movie 4.6.1 We've been rolling out improvements to the Photo to Movie media browser this month in Photo to Movie 4.6.1. It's available for Mac OS now and the Windows version will arrive in a few days. The media browser includes sorting and searching in the latest version. We're planning on continuing improvements in the next few minor releases. Make sure you have automatic updates enabled.

Education We also remind you that if you're involved with education, Photo to Movie can be a great tool for kids and classrooms. We're offering great deals on Photo to Movie for schools. Don't let these special offers pass you by. Contact us today.

Reviews Finally, we include a new review of Photo to Movie in IT Enquirer and also the reviews from last month in and Great Family Photo Slideshows.

Make a Summer Slideshow


You've got all these photos from the summer. Now take them and make them into a slideshow that you can be proud of.

Grab your favorite photos and follow these easy steps to make a slideshow that will preserve the memories of summer 2010 forever.

Gather Photos Start off by gathering 25-40 photos for your slideshow. Choose the photos representative of your summer, but be sure to include photos with different colors, subjects, and framing. You can always use Photo to Movie to crop your photos, but you can also crop them directly in your photo library if you're using Adobe Lightroom, Aperture, or something similar. Use different subjects and include both close-ups and wide shots.

Add Photos to Timeline Next drag your photos into the Photo to Movie timeline. A smoothly paced slideshow will show each photo for approximately 5 seconds, but you can make it slow or faster depending on your preferences. With 40 photos @ 5 seconds each, your slideshow will be 200 seconds long, or just over 3 minutes. This is usually a good length for a casual slideshow to show to friends and family.

Add Your Favorite Summer Song Choose a song that goes along with your summer. Again, shoot for a song that is just long enough to keep your photos on display around 5 seconds each -- a song approximately 3-4 minutes long. Drag the song directly into the timeline. If the song is too long, you can use the audio editing capabilities in Photo to Movie to fade out the song early.

Fit the Photos to the Audio Photo to Movie has a one step menu item to stretch the duration of your photos to exactly match the duration of the music. Choose the menu item Audio > Fit Photos to Audio and you're done.

Edit Photo Motion, Titles, and Graphics Now it's time to go through each photo and make sure it's showing at its best. Adjust the key frames to be centered on the subject matter. Using key frames with very different sizes or positions will introduce more motion into the slideshow; on the other hand, using key frames with similar sizes and positions will keep things slow and smooth. Add titles manually or use Title > Label Photos... to automatically build them. Add graphics if desired.

Upload Your Movie to YouTube Photo to Movie can upload your movie directly to YouTube. This is a convenient place to put short slideshows and allows for easy distribution/viewing for your friends and family. Click Make Movie, select YouTube at the top of the window, enter your account information, and make the movie by clicking the Make Movie... button.

You're done with your slideshow. If you make something you really love, other people are going to love it too.

Photo to Movie gives you the best tools to make the slideshow look how you want it to.

Photo to Movie 4.6.1

We're hard at work on some major new features in Photo to Movie 4.7. But until we're ready with those, you can upgrade to Photo to Movie 4.6.1 which includes improvements to the media browser.

Use the menu item Check for Updates... or download directly:

Photo to Movie Downloads


The new version brings back music sorting. It also adds filtering for both music and photos. We've also improved the look of the photo browser and it's easier to see the names of the photos with tool tips. Finally, you can once again preview your music directly in the media browser.

Photo to Movie for Education


Are you an educator? Photo to Movie is used in classrooms everywhere as an easy media production tool. Students of all ages can use Photo to Movie for basic video projects.

  • Story telling and informational presentations
  • Titling, audio, and narration
  • Visual composition on a timeline
  • Video, DVD, and web publishing, including YouTube
  • Book reports, science projects, and more

We offer Photo to Movie packages to fit any budget for your classroom. Please contact us directly if you're thinking of using Photo to Movie in your classroom and let us answer any questions or requests that you have.

Contact us at

Photo to Movie Reviews

IT Enquirer posted a review of Photo to Movie this month. IT Enquirer delivers information, market analyses and other resources that help all types of publishers –book, magazine, corporate and technical– achieve greater profits.

Here is the Photo to Movie review:

Review: Photo to Movie 4.6

Great Family Photo Slideshows called Photo to Movie "The Best Slideshow Software for You Just Might Be Photo To Movie". Read their review here:

The Best Slideshow Software for You Just Might Be Photo To Movie gives Photo to Movie 8 out of 10 stars and says "This is a fun application that will help you make slideshows that your friend’s will want to watch!". Read their review here:

Review – Photo to Movie

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