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December 2009

Happy Holidays from the Photo to Movie team!

It's been a great year with lots of exciting improvements in Photo to Movie and also the re-release of Motion Pictures 2.2 for Mac OS. In this newsletter, we wanted to remind you of the new features and various resources available to Photo to Movie users on our website.

IMPORTANT: Please update to Photo to Movie 4.2.7 (Mac OS) if you're using Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard).

Photo to Movie Online Resources

We wanted to remind our users of the useful resources available on our website:


We've written in-depth articles on a variety of subjects useful to Photo to Movie users:

  • Create a Holiday Newsletter
  • Publishing Movies for DVD, the Web, and HD
  • How to Make a Great Wedding Photo DVD
  • Create Professional-Grade Slideshows using H.264
  • Copyrights, Digital Files, and Your Slideshows

Photo to Movie Articles

Newsletter Archive

All of our previous newsletters are available on our website. Check them out for a multitude of tips, news, and information items.

Newsletter Archive

Some specific articles of interest:


Our website includes some great examples of the movies you can make with Photo to Movie.

Photo to Movie Gallery

User Profiles

Over the last several years, we've done in-depth profiles with numerous professional Photo to Movie users. Here are their stories.

  • Christopher Seufert/Mooncusser Films - Documentary on Guglielmo Marconi
  • Rex A. Tanimoto - Children's Story "The Blue Star"
  • Douglas Keister - Mobile Mansions DVD
  • Ben Kettlewell and Mairéid Sullivan - Time After Time
  • Alain Briot - Navajoland
  • Jeffrey White - Nature with a Twist
  • Peter Moruzzi - Desert Holiday

User Profiles

Video Tutorials

The Photo to Movie website includes three introductory videos showing you the main features of Photo to Movie and how to use them.

  • Introduction Video Tutorial
  • Timeline Video Tutorial
  • Motion Paths and Key Frames Video Tutorial

Video Tutorials


Have a question about Photo to Movie? Send us email at The Photo to Movie website includes FAQs on a variety of topics. Check it out here:

Photo to Movie FAQ

Motion Pictures 2.2 (Mac OS)

You can think of Motion Pictures (Mac OS) as Photo to Movie "Lite". It's a great companion to Photo to Movie and even though it doesn't have the detailed editing capabilities of Photo to Movie, it offers a few features that Photo to Movie doesn't yet include. Check it out!

Learn More About Motion Pictures

Motion Pictures was previously bundled with Roxio Toast Titanium. Now we're selling a slightly updated version on our website directly. The biggest change from the older version is that Motion Pictures is now a Universal Binary (about time!).


Motion Pictures helps you create stunning slideshows from your digital photos. You can add pan and zoom motion effects, music soundtrack, and display up to 6 photos on the screen at the same time. Export your slideshow for editing in iMovie, burn with iDVD or Toast, and easily share by email or through your YouTube account.

Photo to Movie 4.2.7


Please update to Photo to Movie 4.2.7 (Mac OS), especially if you're using Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard).

LQ Graphics released Photo to Movie 4.2.7 (Mac OS) in October. This is a minor but crucial patch, following version 4.2.6 in our efforts to make Photo to Movie more stable for Snow Leopard.

  • Fixed more crashes in Snow Leopard, particularly with portrait-oriented images.
  • Fixed minor problem with low-resolution preview during scrubbing portrait images.
  • Fixed media browser to work more consistently.

If you’d like to report a bug, please email us at Stay tuned for more news about patches and upcoming new releases of Photo to Movie.

Photo to Movie (Windows) Beta Testing

We've been hard at work bringing Photo to Movie (Windows) up to date with the Mac version. We're running a little behind schedule, but we expect to start beta testing the new version soon.

If you're willing to be a Windows beta tester, please make sure you're signed up on the beta testing emailing list here:

Photo to Movie Beta Testing

Special Deals Mailing List

Due to numerous requests, LQ Graphics now has a special mailing list for special deals, offers, and discounts on LQ Graphics products and 3rd party products.

This is a great way to SAVE MONEY on software. We're negotiating with several other companies to offer special DISCOUNTS to our customers on their products. We expect the first special offer to be available in early December -- SIGN UP NOW.

This special deals mailing list is opt-in only. You must click on the link below and check the appropriate box to be included.

Sign Up for Discounts

Newsletter Archive

All of our previous newsletters are available on our website. Check them out for tips, news, and information items.

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