July 2009 Newsletter


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July 2009

We hope your summer is going well! We've been busy developing new features for Photo to Movie (Mac & Windows) which we hope will be available in the coming weeks.

In this newsletter:

  • Photo to Movie 4.2.5 Release
  • Producing HD Quality Movies
  • Back to School Notes

We would also like to remind you that if you purchase Photo to Movie now, you will receive a free upgrade to any new version released this fall!

We get a lot of great feedback about Photo to Movie that we incorporate into our releases. We think it continues to be one of the best applications for producing high quality slideshows. But if you have a feature you would like to see in Photo to Movie, email us the suggestion and we'll try to work it in. You can send all suggestions and support questions to support@lqgraphics.com.

Photo to Movie 4.2.5 (Mac OS) Release

IMPORTANT We recommend updating to Mac OS X 10.5.7 if you're using Photo to Movie. The operating system release fixes some bugs that can affect Photo to Movie also.

Photo to Movie (Mac OS) 4.2.5 was released in July and is now available on our website or through automatic updates. We recommend all Photo to Movie (Mac OS) users to upgrade to this latest version.

This latest release fixes a few uncommon crashes, better support for NEF RAW photos, problems dragging titles and updates the media browser.

The easiest way to upgrade Photo to Movie is to launch your existing version and choose the menu item Photo to Movie > Check for Updates...

You can also download Photo to Movie directly using this link if you have an older version without the Check for Updates... menu item:

Download Photo to Movie Here

Producing HD Quality Movies

Photo to Movie can easily produce HD quality videos. With HD quality video, you can:

  • Burn it to a Blu-ray disk
  • Upload it to video sites such as YouTube
  • Play it directly in your media center computer
  • Edit it further in applications such as Final Cut

On the Mac OS, you can render HD video in the H.264 format. Using Make Movie, select the QuickTime rendering panel. Then choose QuickTime for the movie format. Select one of the high definition formats under the settings menu. Then render your movie. You can use QuickTime Player or FrontRow to play your movie on your computer.

You can choose HD-1080p, HD-1080i, or HD-720p for the resolution. We recommend using HD-1080p (the highest quality) if your playback system will handle it properly.

On Windows, you can render HD video to Windows Media file format. Start by using Document Info to choose the file format: Windows Media. Choose a custom settings with a size of 1920x1080. Choose best quality. Now render your movie. You can use Windows Media Player to play your movie.

HD quality video takes longer to render than the equivalent SD (Standard Definition) video. However, once it is finished, you'll have a stunning slideshow that is sure to impress anyone watching!

Read more about producing HD video

Back to School Notes

Each year around this time we receive requests from educators to use Photo to Movie within their classroom. We offer outstanding discounts on volume purchases of Photo to Movie for the classroom.

If you're an educator and you wish to use Photo to Movie, please contact us directly at support@lqgraphics.com or visit our website to see discounted volume pricing:

Read more about volume discounts

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Photo to Movie Facebook Group

As a place for further discussion of tips and techniques, video samples, support, feature discussions, and more, we host the Photo to Movie Group on Facebook. It's a great group so check it out and get in touch with other Photo to Movie users for tips, samples, and help.

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