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June 2009

Welcome to the June 2009 Photo to Movie newsletter. The start of summer brings many photo opportunities. Graduations, camping, beach visits, Independence Day celebrations, and summer weddings are just some of the events which will be remembered with photos.

In this newsletter, we'll revisit the wedding slideshow. The article about weddings is one of our most referenced articles, but most of the advice about the photography and the slideshow applies equally well to any kind of event.

Making a Wedding Slideshow to Remember Forever

article_weddings_rings_120.jpg article_weddings_cake_120.jpg article_weddings_kiss.jpg

If you're planning to attend or have already been two a summer wedding, here are some tips and techniques for planning that wedding slideshow.

You can read the full article wedding slideshow article here.

The article includes important pieces of advice for all Photo to Movie users, including:

  • Choose High Quality Photos - high resolution, in focus, good subject placement
  • Vary Your Photos - action shots, rings, flowers, musicians, etc.
  • Choose Good Music - choose one good wedding song and set the photos to that song
  • Keep it Short - five or ten minutes will keep everyone interested in the whole thing
  • Don't Overuse Captions - bride & groom, location, but skip the quirky stuff
  • Don't Overuse Motion - photos onscreen for five seconds but don't make everyone dizzy
  • Know Your Audience - for the grandparents or their twenty-something friends?

Plan Your Shots

If you're planning on attending the movie, make a photo plan. Here's some things to think about for a wedding:

  • Bride and groom preparing
  • Walk down the aisle, Ceremony
  • Flower girl, ring bearer
  • Putting on the ring, first kiss
  • Audience members, relatives
  • Reception line, greetings
  • Flowers, rings, gifts, cake
  • Food, musicians, setting
  • Dancing, bride and groom, attendees
  • Cake cutting, before and after
  • Kids and other couples, out of towners
  • Limo, goodbyes, driving away
  • Serious shots, laughing shots
  • Close-ups, wide shots

Read the full, detailed article here, and have fun with your wedding slideshow!

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Photo to Movie 4.2.4 (Mac OS) Release

IMPORTANT We recommend updating to Mac OS X 10.5.7 if you're using Photo to Movie. The operating system release fixes some bugs that can affect Photo to Movie also.

Photo to Movie (Mac OS) 4.2.4 was released in April and is now available on our website or through automatic updates. We recommend all Photo to Movie (Mac OS) users to upgrade to this latest version.

This latest release fixes some minor bugs and adds the ability to Show or Open your rendered movie in the Finder once it is finished rendering.

The easiest way to upgrade Photo to Movie is to launch your existing version and choose the menu item Photo to Movie > Check for Updates...

You can also download Photo to Movie directly using this link if you have an older version without the Check for Updates... menu item:



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Some photos provided by David Ball.

Some photos provided by Jason Hutchens under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.

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