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April 2008

Welcome to the April 2008 edition of the Photo to Movie newsletter! With the start of Spring now behind, you'll want to start preparing for the return of sun -- which provides, of course, the perfect lighting for outside photographs! Whether a picnic lunch, a fun shopping day, or an early trip to the beach, Photo to Movie can capture it all -- as long as you bring along your camera (and remember to the keep the sun behind you when snapping photos!).

But while those April showers sprinkle down for a few more weeks there's a little bit of time left for you to workshop your photo-editing skills. And with the release of Photo to Movie 4.1 (Mac OS), creating professional slideshows has never been more fun, or more convenient. The list of new features and functions is so exciting that we've decided to devote this newsletter to sharing them in detail. The collection of impressive transitions, user-friendly timeline upgrades, and rendering improvements help you to harness your creativity through slideshows like never before! And our brand new video tutorials walk you through the process step by step. So spend a little more time on that rainy day project...but don't forget, the sun is just around the corner.

Photo to Movie 4.1 (Mac OS) has arrived!

The newest update of Photo to Movie (Mac OS) is finally complete and available for download. Photo to Movie 4.1 (Mac OS) comes with a number of technical enhancements that allow your creativity to blossom even further through digital slideshows. Many aspects of the interface are now more user-friendly, and additional transitions and rendering capabilities let you craft and export your slideshows with professional-like quality.

A few of the highlights in this update include:

  • Numerous New Transitions. Including barn door, blinds, droplet, flip, gradient wipe, mosaic, page curl, radial wipe, reflection, and swoosh (see the section below for a more in-depth look)
  • Improved Rendering Capabilities. Greatly expanded rendering capabilities include the ability to do multipass rendering for higher quality. Also render quickly and easily for Apple TV with built-in presets.
  • New Media Browser with Aperture Support. The new media browser includes support for browsing Aperture libraries.
  • User-Friendly Timeline. A resizable timeline and multiple audio and title tracks make for easier editing. It's also easier to manage your default timing preferences.
  • Automatic Updating. Automatic updating ensures that you'll always have the latest version of Photo to Movie.

An update to Photo to Movie (Windows) is also in the works. Look for it in the coming months!

Download the Software Today

Click on the link below to get Photo to Movie 4.1 (Mac OS) from our website:


If you purchased or upgraded Photo to Movie from our online store or in a retail box anytime after January 1, 2007, upgrading to Photo to Movie 4.1 is FREE. Just download the new version and start using it.

If you purchased Photo to Movie before January 1, 2007, you will need to purchase an upgraded license key for $29.95.

Photo to Movie Upgrade

Transitions, Photo to Movie 4.1 Style

The slideshow has come a long way from its beginnings as a series of reversed transparencies that were projected on to a screen with a carousel machine. You may remember these from a family reunion or two. One of the greatest advantages to creating digital slideshows, however, is the ability to mimic film or video with sophisticated motion paths and fun flourishes like transitions -- sequences that remove one photo from the screen and replace it with another seamlessly.

transition_cube_128x96.jpg transition_mosaic_128x96.jpg transition_gradientwipe_128x96.jpg transition_reflection_128x96.jpg

Photo to Movie 4.1 comes with a long list of new transitions that can give your slideshows just the touch of professionalism. These can be used to delicately suggest the passing of time, or quickly usher your audience through a brief series of events. You can create humorous visual puns as well -- be creative with your photos and see what happens!

SEEING IS BELIEVING. See all of the transitions on our transition sampler web page:


Basic Transitions

Some of our favorite new basic transitions are:

Barn Door. Present your next photo by splitting the last in half like a barn door or theatre curtains.

Blinds. This rippling transition provides a graceful photo change like the gradual opening of vertical blinds.

Flash. Fade from working in the city to a day at the beach with a burst of sunlight.

Swoosh. Your next image glides down like a bird to supercede the last in line -- an appropriate transition for large leaps in time or recent deliveries from storks.

Extended Transitions

And for those you who want even more variety, Photo to Movie is now offering an extended transitions package for version 4.1 as an optional add-on package for an additional $19.99. This collection features even more great ways to move your audience through a choice selection of digital photos.

Accordion Push. Your next photo literally pushes the last out of its way with an accordion-like gesture.

Color Panes. An elegant deconstruction of your image to its basic Red, Green, and Blue elements as the next image in line assembles itself from RGB panes.

Shutter. This old fashion camera shutter transition closes on one photo and reopens to reveal...the highlight of your year, perhaps? Or an amusing night with your friends? Any punch line that fits.

See all of the transitions on our transition sampler web page:


New Video Tutorials

All editions of Photo to Movie come with an extensive user's guide, and the website's FAQ answers many of the technical issues that can arise as you strive to create your first slideshow. For those who'd like to see a hands-on primer, however, slideshow basics are now offered in a series of video tutorials on our website! These also serve as an excellent introduction to Photo to Movie 4.1 for anyone wishing to see how the interface of the program has been updated.

See the video tutorials here: http://www.lqgraphics.com/software/phototomovietutorials.php

Introduction Video: Watch a basic slideshow with music being created right in front of you, from opening the program to exporting your movie file.

Timeline Video: Watch the timeline being manipulated for maximum convenience and learn how to best use it while making your own slideshow.

Motion Paths Video: Ready to get more fancy with your slideshows? The Motion Paths tutorial will walk you through the process of programming movement and mimicking camera pans and zooms with your images.

See the video tutorials here: http://www.lqgraphics.com/software/phototomovietutorials.php

Hopefully these tutorials will give you the tools you need to dive into Photo to Movie 4.1 for yourself. Good luck, and have fun!


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