February 2008 Newsletter


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February 2008

Welcome to the first Photo to Movie newsletter for 2008! February will soon be at a close, taking us into the last weeks of winter. Hopefully you've enjoyed the year so far, taking plenty of photos for the new school semester and a few close-ups of your special Valentine! Photo to Movie is the perfect tool for capturing any holiday or season, with every photo you place in the timeline connected to a different memory. Make a slideshow for any family occasion -- a birthday, an anniversary, or even a spring wedding. The possibilities begin and end with your creativity.

This month's newsletter lets your creative spirit run wild like never before! On February 29th Photo to Movie is having an exclusive one day sale that puts this singular software at your fingertips with a discount. And featured below is an interview with a Photo to Movie user who shows people how to achieve their dreams through slideshows. So read on...we'll catch up with you next month, just in time for the easter egg hunt!

One Day Only Photo to Movie Sale on February 29th!

For the first time in four years February will have 29 days! We're celebrating the leap year and the coming spring with a one day Photo to Movie sale. On February 29th only, you can purchase Photo to Movie software from our website for just $29.95. and upgrades to Photo to Movie 4.0 (Mac OS) and Photo to Movie 4.1 Beta (Mac OS) for $19.95.

Photo to Movie provides an easy and fun way to prepare your pictures for TV or internet viewing. It's a program that anyone can use, making it an excellent present for hard-to-shop-for family members. It's a thoughtful addition to family Easter baskets and makes the perfect birthday gift for home photo enthusiasts. Don't forget, the photo opportunities of spring -- and all the weddings and graduations of 2008 -- are right around the corner.

Get the savings with the promotional code: LEAPYEAR


Photo to Movie Software Updates

Minor updates to Photo to Movie were released in late January. Visit out website to download these updates:


Changes for Photo to Movie 4.0.9 (Mac OS) are:

  • Resolved issues with locating iPhoto Library
  • Improved several menu item shortcuts for Leopard compatibility

Changes for Photo to Movie 3.5.4 (Windows) are:

  • Improved reliability of document saving with temporary files
  • Improved photo importing to alphabetize the filenames before insertion
  • Improved reliability when non-standard audio codecs are installed.

Photo to Movie User Profile -- Malcolm Cohan


Most of us, throughout our lives, have dreams and goals that we imagine ourselves fulfilling, even if they are never achieved or even understood entirely. It's partially these aspirations that define who we are. We spoke this month with Malcolm Cohan, creator of Vision Statement Movies -- a company that helps individuals to better visualize and reach their goals by making Photo to Movie slideshows! We interviewed Malcolm on his background, his work, his passions, and how Photo to Movie aids this fascinating process.

LQ Graphics: What kind of work do you do?

Malcolm Cohan: I teach people to make a vision - and then to create a movie about it! I do this all over the planet. I have started a group of people called ROCKET SHIP to teach this concept to the planet.

LQ: What is your background?

MC: I am a TV Director, book publisher and a kinesiologist. I teach people that they all have a quest - and that their quest is always an amalgam of their core strengths. My core strengths use filmmaking, writing and kinesiology to evoke transformation in peoples lives.

LQ: How do you use Photo to Movie?

MC: People come into my workshops and we have a process where I help them create a vision for their lives. In the afternoon, I teach them how to make a movie about it using P2M. It is the best slideshow app on the market - it is the Ferrari of slideshow programs.

LQ: What feature(s) in Photo to Movie do you use most often?

MC: The default settings with the movement of the slides is brilliant. People immediately get a great result - their movies come alive before their eyes.

LQ: Your work is interesting in that the act of creating a slideshow "vision statement" becomes therapeutic, in a way, for you and your clients. Can you talk about how you developed this idea?

MC: The concept is that you do not really know what you want - until you write down your vision, create a movie about it - and have it played back to you. At that point you are able to engage and commit to your dream - if it is truly right for you!

When you play back your vision - your really get to see clearly the truth in it - whether it now rings true for you. And so the process is profoundly clarifying.

LQ: What makes video slideshows an appropriate vehicle for this kind of introspection?

MC: A person opens up a dialogue with their inner life. They use the VISION Statement Movie to explore their truth - to transform their vaguely held fantasies and dreams into a vision which they can engage with - and commit to. The movie is the only thing I have found that does this effectively - more effectively than a journal and a visionboard. The combination of brave statements, great music and powerful pictures makes this highly emotive - it fastracks your clarity - and is profoundly self validating.

Books are over. I'm a publisher - I know. No-one has time to read them anymore - and there are too many on the shelves. People now need to enroll others into their vision through video - and Photo to Movie is the best way I know to take amateur filmmakers and give them to tools they need to create a polished product.

LQ: What have been some notable reactions to your work, or other vision statements created with Photo to Movie?

MC: There are about 2000 of these on YouTube that have come as a result of my movie there.

I have taught 600 people to make theirs - not all on YouTube - you can watch some on my website.

LQ: Any other final thoughts?

MC: In 25 years of TV direction, my proudest achievement is a film I made with Photo to movie - my Vision for Humanity. It could not have been done without Photo to Movie. I now lead people to hold a vision for the planet - about what it looks like when we solve humanity's problems..and I am inspiring all the people in my Rocket Ship to make one of these.

Watch A Sample

Thanks for sharing your work with us, Malcolm. If you'd like to learn more about Vision Statements, visit Malcolm's website:


Photo to Movie: Microsoft Vista and Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Compatible

2007 has been an exciting year for computer software. Windows users everywhere are updating their operating systems to Vista, while Mac computers have a wealth of new features to enjoy with Leopard. Operating system updates invariably cause compatibility issues, however, rest assured that Photo to Movie will work just as well on your new OS. No downloads or updates needed!

Photo to Movie 4.1 (Mac OS) -- There's still time to Beta Test!

Beta testing for Photo to Movie Version 4.1 is well underway. The response from our users has been tremendous, but we still want you to give it a try and offer your thoughts. This is your opportunity to participate in an official update that makes this already-user-friendly software even more fun to work with on any project, large or small. A few notable changes and additions to 4.1 include:

  • Several new transitions, including barn door, blinds, droplet, flip, gradient wipe, mosaic, page curl, radial wipe, reflection, and swoosh. Twenty nine in all.
  • Improved timeline. A resizable timeline and multiple audio and title tracks make for easier editing. It's also easier to manage your default timing preferences.
  • Improved rendering capabilities. Greatly expanded rendering capabilities include the ability to do multipass rendering for higher quality. Also render for Apple TV, iPod, and iPhone with built-in presets.
  • New media browser. New media browser includes support for browsing Aperture libraries.
  • Automatic Updating. Automatic updating so that you're always using the latest version.

If you're interested in participating in the testing of this new update, please visit the Photo to Movie beta web page:



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