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June 2007

In This Issue:

  • Tips for Your Wedding Slideshow
  • Don't Forget Father's Day -- Make a Gift with Photo to Movie
  • Did You Know? -- How To Publish Your Slideshow on the Web with Photo to Movie
  • Photo to Movie Software Updates

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Tips for Your Wedding Slideshow


We're in the midst of wedding season, and there's no task more daunting than sorting through all the photographs from the big day. A myriad of choices must be made: what size photos to use, how many to include, which to include, what music to set them to.... If you're short on ideas (but long on pictures), you might want to check out an article recently published on the Photo to Movie website that offers a list of suggestions and tips. Hopefully reading this tutorial will give your creativity everything it needs to reach its full potential and commemorate the event with panache.

The article includes important pieces of advice for all Photo to Movie users, including:

  • Choose High Quality Photos
  • Vary Your Photos
  • Choose Good Music
  • Keep it Short
  • Don't Overuse Captions
  • Don't Overuse Motion
  • Know Your Audience

Read the full, detailed article here, and have fun with your wedding slideshow!

Don't Forget Father's Day -- Make a Gift with Photo to Movie


June 17th is only a few weeks away, so if you're gearing up for some last-minute shopping you might consider Photo to Movie as an alternative to fighting the crowds. Slideshows make great graduation gifts as well: the technology is so easy to use that you could even add a few photos from the commencement ceremony and still have the DVD ready a day or two later! There's no better gift for dad or your recent grad than the pictures you took yourself. Photo to Movie helps you imaginatively display your family to everyone's delight.

A few easy steps to make the most of your slideshow:

  • Pick some choice photos from a variety of events and place them in the timeline.
  • Select a brief song that fits the moment -- maybe something dad likes to sing along to or that the graduate listens to in the car -- and arrange your photos to the beat.
  • Add a few captions, describing places, events, and dates.
  • Add some motion to your photos -- zoom in on dad's face as he watches his daughter take her first steps, or spin out of a college spring break trip.
  • Render your movie and burn it to DVD using your favorite software.

Hopefully we've given you a few ideas to fall back on in the weeks to come. Remember that new ties and designer watches are often fine surprises, but no gift is more suited to Father's Day or Graduation Day than the recipient's own story -- told in a slideshow they can watch over and over again.

Did You Know?

How To Publish Your Slideshow on the Web with Photo to Movie.

Did you know that you can prepare your slideshow for the web directly in Photo to Movie? You can read our detailed web publishing FAQ.

Photo to Movie supports any video codec such as Flash, Quicktime, H.264, and Windows Media. First figure out which format is most suitable for your project. Next, configure your movie by selecting "Make Movie" on Mac OS X or "Properties" on Windows. A dialog box appears, and you adjust the settings accordingly: create low bandwidth, small for videos transmitted over a network and high bandwidth, larger files for projects where the best quality is required. Choose a place on your hard drive to save your file, click "Make Movie." After rendering is complete, upload your slideshow to your web server!


This feature makes Photo to Movie a useful tool for creating virtually any kind of web video: a YouTube or MySpace slideshow for your friends, a family vacation movie for your .Mac webpage, or even a brief company commercial offering potential customers a demonstration of your product.

Read our web publishing FAQ to discover just how many needs Photo to Movie can fulfill.

Photo to Movie Software Updates

The newest editions of Photo to Movie have arrived for both Mac and Windows users. Released on June 6th, 2007, these updates have revised the following features:

Photo to Movie 4.0.7 (Mac OS X)

  • Resolved issues related to importing photos with unsupported metadata.
  • Improved DV audio export to 48Khz.
  • Resolved minor translation errors.
  • Resolved issues related to registering retail (box) versions of software.
  • New Feature! Use the Font Panel to set your title's background color.

Photo to Movie 3.5.2 (Windows)

  • Improved visual styling of the editing window
  • Resolved issues related to registering retail (box) versions of software.
  • New Feature! Adjust your background color's opacity in Properties.


Some photos provided by Jason Hutchens under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.

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