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May 2007

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  • Photo to Movie Makes Great Mother's Day Gifts
  • Website Updates - Expanded Gallery!
  • Did You Know? - Send An E-mail Slideshow with Photo to Movie on Mac OS X

Photo To Movie Makes Great Mother's Day Gifts

Here's a friendly reminder: Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 13th. Also just over the horizon are high school and college graduations, as well as Father's Day in June. And whether shopping at the last minute or planning a few weeks in advance, don't forget that Photo to Movie is a swift, inexpensive resource for high quality and, most importantly, personalized gifts.

Make a slideshow from childhood photos for graduation day. Give Dad a DVD with the pictures he took on his last camping trip. And your child's classmates will love watching the school year on screen with photographs you took in the classroom.

With only a few images loaded on to your computer you can make a slideshow for e-mailing, web publishing, DVD burning -- the possibilities are endless.

For example, take a collection of your favorite photos loaded from your digital camera.

fathers_day_180x135.jpg graduation_180x135.jpg mothers_day_180x135.jpg

Load these into the Photo to Movie timeline. From there, you can add some background music and adjust the photos to transition with the rhythm (easy to follow with Photo to Movie's waveform display!). You can keep things simple with quick cuts to the beat, or maybe add a few fancy flourishes -- some wipes or 3D spins. You can slowly zoom in on tender details in a large photograph, or carefully pan across a throng of robed classmates. And then your slideshow is ready to send to DVD.

Mac users can use the iDVD button to export a MPEG-2 directly to Apple's DVD authoring program, or save to their desktop to burn in other software. See this FAQ for more details. PC users can export an MPEG-2 and use a non-linear movie editor to create the dvd; export as an AVI and use a third-party application such as Sony Vegas Movie Studio; or export a disc image ISO directly from Photo to Movie to your desktop for burning (Note: DVDs authored in Photo to Movie will not have menus). See this FAQ for more info.

Whatever the amount of time you can spare, Photo to Movie can provide your mother, father, or soon-to-be-ex-student with an entertaining and heartwarming slideshow that integrates the best gift of all: your memories.

Website Updates - Expanded Gallery!

If you've been to our website recently you've probably noticed a few alterations. Follow the link to check out some of the changes we've made to improve functionality and offer an all-around more user-friendly experience.

The largest updates have occurred in our Gallery, where both prospective Photo to Movie owners and veterens of the program can observe some of the software's most dynamic features in action.

swimming_player_240x150.jpg food_player_240x150.jpg

animals_player_240x194.jpg miscellaneous_player_240x194.jpg

As these snapshots suggest, the new gallery videos are not only excellent demonstrations of what Photo to Movie offers, but also simple style tutorials as well. Using the styles in these videos -- the myriad of digital transitions, or the pan, zoom, and rotate functions -- can bring your photographs to life easily and effectively. For those of you who might be working on projects in Photo to Movie but find yourselves stuck, the gallery can be a great resource for ideas. And remember, most of these great features are only a click or two away!

Did You Know?

How To Send An E-mail Slideshow with Photo to Movie on the Mac


Did you know that you can use Photo to Movie to send an e-mail with your project? Simply select 'Make Movie' from the File drop-down menu and click on the Email icon, toggling your desired settings. When the movie is complete, your mail application opens - and all you have to do is decide who to send it to. Additionally, users with .Mac accounts can upload movies directly to their homepage with the .Mac icon. To create a file for streaming web or YouTube upload, use the Quicktime icon with 'Web Movie' or 'MPEG-4' selected.


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