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I have licensed music through iTunes. How can I use that music in my movie?

Update May 2007: Apple has announced that unrestricted iTunes music will be available for a slight additional cost. Users can upgrade their current songs to the unrestricted songs for a small fee using the iTunes store. The unrestricted music is able to be used directly in Photo to Movie.

Apple restricts third-party products (such as Photo to Movie) from directly using music purchased on the iTunes music store. To work around this restriction, you need to burn a CD of the music you want to use. After you have burned your CD, you then need to use iTunes to "rip" it to the AIFF format using iTunes. You can use the re-ripped music in Photo to Movie without any quality loss.

To use iTunes to rip the burned CD to AIFF, choose Preferences in iTunes and select the Advanced tab. Within the Advanced tab, select the Importing tab. Under the Import Using menu, choose AIFF Encoder. Then insert the burned CD and have iTunes rip the music. The files saved on your disk will now be .aiff files of your music. Once this is finished, be sure to reselect your previous encoder (most likely AAC Encoder) so that future CDs that you capture will be encoded properly.

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