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How should I prepare my photos for Photo to Movie?

The great thing about Photo to Movie is that you do not need to do any preparation on your photos. Photo to Movie can use any size photo, any resolution, any format (as long as it is readable using Mac OS X). You do not need to crop, rotate, or otherwise prepare your photos.

You can slightly reduce the memory requirements if you use smaller photos. If you are scanning photos and you want to calculate what resolution to scan, choose a resolution such that the smallest key frame on your photo is at least as large as the export format. For instance, if your smallest key frame is 80% of the photo and your export format is DV (640x480), then you would want your original photo to have a resolution of at least 640 divided by 0.80 (80%) which would be 800x600.

You can also prepare your photos before hand by making any color, red-eye correction, or other edits to your photos. Be careful when sharpening the photos, however, as that may lead to anti-aliasing and flickering when making your movie.

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