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How do I produce an MPEG-2 file on Windows?

Older versions of Photo to Movie (3.5) allowed you to directly produce an MPEG-2 file. Due to the availability of easy replacements, licensing, and time constraints, we decided to drop this support in Photo to Movie 4.5 and later.

However, it is still easy to accomplish the conversion with free software.

We recommend using WinFF to do the conversion.

First prepare your movie in Photo to Movie. Add your photos, titles, graphics, and audio tracks.

Next, use Make Movie in Photo to Movie to render your movie.

When you Make Movie, choose the Windows Media at the top of the screen. Under Movie Settings, choose either Standard Definition if your movie has a standard (4:3) aspect ratio, or High Definition (480p) if you have a widescreen (16:9) aspect ratio.

If you're rendering PAL video, you need to click Options... and change the Frame Rate to 25.

Next click the Make Movie... button and save the video to a file.

Now, launch WinFF.

Next, drag and drop your video file that was rendered from Photo to Movie into the main window of WinFF.

In the Convert To... menu, choose DVD. In the Device Preset menu, choose your MPEG-2 format.

Finally, click the Convert button at the top of the WinFF menu.

It's not pretty, but it will get the job done and you'll end up with an MPEG-2 video suitable for use on DVD.

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