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What video file format will allow any user to play it at full screen?

You have two choices: Make a DVD or use the H.264 codec within the QuickTime file format.

If you want to allow any user on any platform to view your movie, the best format is to burn a DVD for them. And if you're going to burn a DVD, you will want to export your movie from Photo to Movie to the DV Stream file format. Then you will use DVD burning software to write the DV Stream video file to a DVD.

The disadvantage of DVD is the limited resolution (480p).

If you need to distribute higher quality video, you can use the H.264 codec embedded within a QuickTime .mov file. This has the advantage of providing full HD 1080p video, but has the disadvantage that some users may not be able to play the video.

To play the video, a user needs to have a computer fast enough to play full HD 1080p video. They also need to have a video player that is capable of playing a QuickTime .mov file. On users with Mac OS, this is no problem. However, on Windows computers, users may have to download additional codecs or install QuickTime to play the file.

Again, the DVD format solves these problems. Nearly all modern operating systems and computers can play DVDs. In addition, the user can play the movie on their television with a standard DVD player.

As a final alternative: If your users are guaranteed to be on Windows, then you can use the Windows Media File format to render a 1080p .wmv file. This file can be played on most modern Windows computers; however Mac OS users will have to install additional codecs to play it. Using Photo to Movie, you can only render Windows Media File videos on the Windows version of Photo to Movie.

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