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How do I reduce aliasing effects like flickering and shimmering?

Photo to Movie uses special processing to reduce or eliminate flicker inherent to the photo motion effects. However, some flicker will still occur on individual photos. In some rare cases, Photo to Movie processing may increase the flicker as compared to the unprocessed video.

The flicker occurs primarily when there is minimal zooming or panning motion frame frame to frame of the video and occurs on an area of the photo with a lot of detail such as water, trees from a distance, or patterns on clothing.

If you find yourself with a photo that is showing unacceptable flickering, use the following techniques to reduce it.

  • Add more motion. Make one of your key frames larger and one smaller to add zooming or move the frames further apart.
  • Eliminate motion. Make your key frames closer in size and/or position.
  • Shift one or both of your key frames by a few pixels.
  • Reduce the resolution of the photo using another application and replace it in the timeline.

Photo to Movie anti-flicker processing will result in a slight softening of the photos. You can disable the processing by selecting Faster Export in the custom rendering options.

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