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How do I fit my photos to the length of my music?

To make the duration of your photos match the duration of your music:

First, adjust the timeline so that the full music track is visible (i.e. drag the timeline zoom slider to the far left).

Next, select one photo in the timeline.

Then, choose the menu item Edit > Select All to select all of your photos in the timeline.

Finally, choose the menu item AudioFit Photos to Audio. This will adjust the duration of your photos to match the duration of the audio.

You can also grab the right-most point on the right-most photo and drag to stretch the overall duration of the photos. Drag it to match the duration of the audio. When there are many photos (150+), it can be difficult to grab the right-most photo. You might have to zoom the timeline in that case.

All of the durations (motion duration, hold durations, transitions durations) get stretched proportionally.

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