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How can I add opening or closing credits to my movie?

You can insert a blank image at the beginning or end of a movie. You can choose the color for the blank image and also add titles to the movie on top of the blank image to do opening or closing credits.

To do this, add your photos to your document. Then select the first photo in the timeline. Then choose the menu item Photo > Insert Blank Image. You can also select the last photo in the timeline and then choose the menu item Photo > Add Blank Image.

Next, click on the blank image in the timeline. Then in the inspector, set it's color by clicking on the color patch.

Set the timing of the blank image to the desired duration. Also be sure to choose a transition from the blank to the first photo (or the last photo to the blank if you're doing ending credits).

Finally, position the scrubber at the beginning of the movie or at the beginning of the blank at the end of the movie, and click the Add Title button.

Adjust the positioning, color, and text of the title. You're done!

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