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How can I make a slideshow without motion or moving photos?

You can use motion templates to create a movie without motion.

To do this, drop your photos into a Photo to Movie document and put them into the desired order.

Next, click on one of the photos in the timeline. Then Edit > Select All to select all of the photos.

Then click the 'Motion Templates' button. In that dialog, choose 'No Motion' in the top-most menu.

Next, set zoom to 100%, rotation to 0.0, and uncheck both random zoom and random rotation.

If your photos are not exactly the shape of your movie (either 4:3 or 16:9) then you can choose to make the photo appear with a boundary outside the photo or inside the photo. To make the boundary outside the photo, uncheck 'Keep Motion Within Photo.' To make the boundary inside the photo, check 'Keep Motion Within Photo.' Finally, uncheck 'Use Title Safe Photo Boundaries.'

Finally click OK. You're done!

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