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How do I use Photo to Movie with Final Cut?

To use Photo to Movie with Final Cut, create your movie in Photo to Movie. Then press the Make Movie button or choose File > Make Movie... When the Make Movie dialog appears, choose the QuickTime panel.

Next you need to match the format of the Photo to Movie export to your Final Cut movie. You will probably be using either DV, DV Widescreen, HDV 1080i, or HDV 720p. The widescreen formats (HDV included) will only appear if your Photo to Movie document has been configured as widescreen. Once you have chosen your format, click the Make Movie button.

Once your movie is rendered, drag or import your movie into Final Cut.

You may also choose other formats such as Uncompressed 4:2:2 for top-quality video. The disadvantage of this format is that it will take a lot of hard disk space. You may also find yourself using MPEG-4 occasionally, although this will result in signicantly lower quality.

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