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How do I play my movie through a projector?

There are three possibilities to play your Photo to Movie movie through a projector. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Burn to DVD. Play DVD through projector.
  2. Burn to a QuickTime movie. Play QuickTime movie through projector.
  3. Play movie through Photo to Movie full screen preview.


Burning your movie to DVD and playing the DVD through the projector is the most reliable way to do things. The advantage is that the DVD format is well supported on various computers and even on standalone DVD players.

The disadvantage is that the resolution of the DVD is limited to DVD resolution, which is 720x480 pixels displayed in a 4:3 aspect ratio. This is an intrinsic limitation of all DVDs.

We do not presently recommend using HD-DVD since neither standalone players nor computer software players are yet widely available.

QuickTime Movie

Rendering your movie to a high performance video format such as QuickTime H.264 allows you to achieve higher resolution. In fact, you can match the movie to the resolution of your video projector, such as 1024x768. You can also play the movie at full screen using QuickTime Player Pro or another video player.

Unfortunately, playing H.264 movies (or any other movie file format) at resolutions higher than 640x480 on a computer takes a lot of computing power. So this technique may not work on older computers and it may not even work on recent laptops, which typically feature slower processors than their desktop counterparts.

We recommend that you test your movie and playback software and computer until you have satisfactory results.

Full Screen Preview

Photo to Movie includes a full screen preview. This is generally the least desirable option since the performance of the full screen preview is affected by many factors such as photo sizes, transitions, computer speed, available memory, and video card memory.

If you're going to use this option, try to make all of the original photos a uniformly small size such as 2048x1536 or smaller. Also try to limit your transitions to simple ones such as cross dissolves and wipes. Use .mp3's for audio. And finally, quit all other applications so that Photo to Movie can make full use of the computer.

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