The timeline displays your slide show along a timeline.

The timeline includes a photo track and one or more audio and title/graphic tracks. You can easily add, delete, and rearrange audio and title/graphic tracks. See Editing and rearranging tracks.

You can preview your movie in real time using the timeline and drag the scrubber to a specific location to see the rendered movie at a specific frame. See Previewing your movie in the timeline.

You can edit motion paths, transitions, and key frames in photo tracks. In addition you can adjust timing, including ease-in and ease-out. See Working with the photo track.

You can group photos into layouts (see Working with Layouts and Backgrounds).

You can add markers and effects to photos and audio (see Working with Markers and Effects).

You can edit audio items, start times, in-out times, fading in audio elements. See Working with audio tracks.

You can edit titles and graphics and their start and fade times. See Working with the title/graphic tracks.

You can change the zoom of the timeline by adjusting the zoom slider at the bottom of the window.