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Photo to Movie™ is used to turn your photos into a slide show movie complete with soundtrack, titles, and graphics. You can add motion effects and other effects to the photos, choose layout and background effects, preview your slide show in real time, and render your movie to a video file.


Photo to Movie uses a timeline to represent your slide show. Each photo appears in the timeline with the transitions between photos represented as the overlap between the photos. The timeline can have a single photo track, multiple audio tracks, and multiple title/graphic tracks. The layouts for groups of photos are also represented in the timeline, as are markers for placing dynamic photo effects.


A suggested workflow for making a slide show using Photo to Movie is:

  1. Use the media browser to add photos to your document.

  2. Add music to your document.

  3. Adjust the duration of your photos to match the length of the song .

  4. Adjust the motion of the photos by editing the key frames manually or using templates .

  5. Add markers to the music and/or photos. Set the desired photo effect for each of the markers.

  6. Group the photos and set the layout and background options for each of the groups.

  7. Adjust the transitions between the photos.

  8. Add opening and closing credits .

  9. Add titles and graphics on top of your photos.

  10. Render the movie to the desired video file format.

Starting Points