To burn a DVD on Windows, you'll need to use 3rd party software.

We suggest using the free application DVD Styler to burn DVDs.

To burn your movie to DVD on Windows

  1. Prepare your movie in Photo to Movie. Add your photos, titles, graphics, and audio tracks.

  2. Use Make Movie in Photo to Movie to render your movie (see Making your movie.

  3. When you Make Movie, choose the Windows Media at the top of the screen. Under Movie Settings, choose either Standard Definition if your movie has a standard (4:3) aspect ratio, or High Definition (480p) if you have a widescreen (16:9) aspect ratio.

  4. If you're rendering PAL video, you need to click Options... and change the Frame Rate to 25.

  5. Click the Make Movie... button and save the video to a file.

  6. Launch DVD Styler.

  7. In DVD Styler, you should start by setting your standard configuration using the menu item Configuration > Settings...

  8. Particularly, you should choose your default video format (NTSC or PAL) and the default aspect ratio (4:3 or 16:9). Click OK when you're finished.

  9. Drag and drop your video file that was rendered from Photo to Movie into the main window of DVD Styler.

  10. Right click on the video at the bottom of the DVD Styler window and choose Properties... Then click the Video... button. Select the aspect ratio to match the aspect ratio of your video.

  11. Click OK (twice).

  12. Choose Burn DVD... under then File menu and you're off and running.

DVD Styler provides some great options for previewing your video before you burn it to DVD too.