You can change the zoom of any key frame.

The minimum key frame size is set to half the size of the specified movie size (see Changing the editing size of your movie). So if you are configured for DV output, the movie size will be 640x480 and the minimum key frame size will be 320x240.

If the size of a key frame falls below the resolution required to avoid pixelation at the specified movie size, the size of the key frame in the inspector will turn red to warn you.

To change zoom using the inspector

  1. Select one or more key frames(see Selecting key frames).

  2. Enter the width or height in the fields provided. Since the aspect ratio is fixed for each key frame, the other field will adjust accordingly.

    Zoom slider for key frame
  3. Drag the zoom slider. The zoom slider is enabled only if a single key frame is selected.

To change zoom by dragging

  1. Select a key frame in the multiple key frame view (see Selecting key frames).

  2. Drag any of the control points of the selected frame to change its zoom.