There are several ways to add photos to your slide show. You can drag photos directly into the timeline or the preview area, import them using a menu item, or drag them from the integrated media browser into the timeline.

You can use photos in most popular image formats including JPEG, PNG, and TIFF.

If you drop photos between existing photos in the timeline, they will be added where you drop them. If you drop photos anywhere else that accepts them, they will be added to the end of the document.

When you add photos, a default motion template (see Using motion templates) will be applied based on your preferences (see Editing your preferences).

Once your photos have been added to your document, you can reorder them or sort them by dragging and dropping (see Editing the order of photos) or by using the photo organizer (see Using the photo organizer).

Photo to Movie will automatically try to orient the photos upright if orientation information is present in the photo file. If it is not present and the photo is not oriented properly, you will have to manually rotate and/or flip the photo (see Rotating and flipping photos).