When creating a slide show in Photo to Movie, you should begin by planning how you will use the resulting video file.

How long will the movie be? Will it be a full slide show complete with music, titles, and graphics? Or will it be just one or a few photos used as part of a longer movie? See Working with Audio and Working with Titles and Graphics.

Where will you get your photos? Will you get them from a folder? Will you use the media browser to locate them? See Adding photos to your slide show.

How will the video be displayed? Will you burn it to a DVD? Play it on the internet? Upload to YouTube? Or play it directly from your computer? See Rendering Your Movie.

What aspect ratio will use you (standard 4:3 or widescreen 16:9)? Are there other requirements such as movie size, bandwidth, framerate, or duration? See Changing the aspect ratio for your movie, Changing the editing size of your movie, and Changing the editing frame rate of your movie.