You can add titles to your movie (see Adding titles).

You make the font/style/color or a title to be the default for all new titles (see Setting the default title style).

You can edit the start time, duration, or end time of each title (see Editing title timing).

You can edit the position of each title (see Editing title position).

You can edit the in- and out- effect style and duration for each title (see Editing title effects).

You can edit the appearance of each title by editing the text itself and adjusting the font, size, style, justification, leading, color, and transparency of the text (see Editing title appearance).

Timeline with title selected

The titles only appear in the timeline and in the preview. They appear as the green boxes below the photos and below the audio if there is any audio.

You can select one or more titles (see Selecting titles) and change the start time and the fade in/out times using the inspector (see Editing title timing).

You can copy and paste titles (see Cutting, copying, and pasting titles).

You can also add additional editing tracks for titles (see Editing and rearranging tracks).