You can change the rotation of any key frame.

The rotation value reflects an absolute rotation. Positive values represent counterclockwise rotations. Values greater than 360° represent multiple spins. Negative values represent clockwise rotations.

To change rotation using the inspector

  1. Select one or more key frames (see Selecting key frames).

  2. Click on the up arrows or down arrows to increase or decrease the rotation of the selected frames.

    Rotation field for key frame
  3. Enter a value in the field to set the absolute rotation.

To change rotation by dragging

  1. Select a key frame in the multiple key frame view (see Selecting key frames).

  2. You can click outside the control points of the selected key frame to rotate it. Position the mouse further out from the center of the keyframe, just beyond the control points. The cursor will change to a rotation cursor when you have it positioned properly.

When dragging, you can only change the rotation by +/- 180°. Spinning the key frame while dragging has no effect. To change the rotation by more than that (and achieve a spinning effect) you must manually enter a value greater than 360° or less than -360° in the inspector.