LQ Graphics, Inc.

Photo to Movie™ is used to turn your photos into a slide show movie complete with soundtrack and titles. You can add motion effects to the photos, preview your slide show in real time, and render your movie to a video file.


Photo to Movie uses a timeline to represent your slide show. Each photo appears in the timeline with the transitions between photos represented as the overlap between the photos. The timeline can have a single photo track, multiple audio tracks, and multiple title tracks.


A suggested workflow for making a slide show using Photo to Movie is:

  1. Use the media browser to add photos to your document.

  2. Add music to your document.

  3. Adjust the duration of your photos to match the length of the song .

  4. Adjust the motion of the photos by editing the key frames manually or using templates .

  5. Adjust the transitions between the photos.

  6. Add opening and closing credits .

  7. Add titles for your photos.

  8. Render the movie to the desired video file format.

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