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Photo to Movie Blog

How Long Should My Slideshow Be?

Posted January 26th, 2012 by Chris

We frequently get questions from Photo to Movie users asking how to better manage a slideshow with hundreds of photos and dozens of songs. So how long should your slideshow be?

Photo to Movie has the capability of making a slideshow that is very short or very long. Your specific use of your slideshow will be the ultimate determinant of your slideshow length — but we offer some simple rules for determine how long to make your slideshow:

  • Make your slideshow the length of one song
  • Remove low quality photos to shorten the slideshow
  • Split longer slideshows into individual, shorter parts
  • Guide the viewer to a new subject every 6-12 seconds
  • Minimize opening/closing credit sequences

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Photo to Movie Blog

Making Opening and Closing Credits

Posted November 19th, 2010 by Chris

Have you ever wanted to create a nice opening or closing credits screen for your slide show? Some recently introduced features in Photo to Movie give you a lot of flexibility to make a dynamic professional opening or closing credits screen.

We provide two short tutorials to show you how to use titles for opening and closing credits in your slide show.

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