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Photo to Movie 5.0.7 Slide Show Software Released

Posted January 11th, 2012 by Chris

New release adds Check Media feature and makes reliability improvements.

Since our last newsletter, we updated Photo to Movie 5.0.7 slide show software for both Mac OS and Windows. This release adds an easy way to check for missing photos, music, and other media in your slide show. Use the menu item File > Check Media… This release also fixes a few intermittent crash bugs that we tracked down this month.

If you haven't updated Photo to Movie to 5.0.7 yet, use the menu item Photo to Movie > Check for Updates… (Mac OS) or Help > Check for Updates… (Windows). You can also download directly from our website. And if you have trouble with the automatic update, remember that you can download the latest version directly from our website.

Photo to Movie Blog

Motion Pictures Renamed to Photo to Movie Express

Posted January 10th, 2012 by Chris

In December we introduced you to Motion Pictures 3. Based on feedback from you, we decided to rename Motion Pictures 3 to Photo to Movie Express, an easy step-by-step way to quickly produce a slide show. Renaming the product allows us to represent the tight integration with Photo to Movie.

Photo to Movie Express is a user friendly application to create slide shows from your photos. Photo to Movie Express will accept just about any type of photo, add motion and captions to your photos, add a soundtrack, and share your slide show directly to Facebook, YouTube, or to a video file that can be used on a website or burned to DVD.

Photo to Movie Express can help you get a great looking slide show, fast. Using a step-by-step user interface, it guides you through the process of making a great looking slide show. You can either render your slide show directly to an HD slide show, or save it to a Photo to Movie document and use Photo to Movie 5 to customize further.

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Introducing Motion Pictures 3.0 (Beta)

Posted December 10th, 2011 by Chris

Today we released Motion Pictures 3.0 for public testing. The new version is a re-envisioning of Motion Pictures to make it easier to use and more powerful at the same time. Produce stylish HD slide shows in minutes with step-by-step interface. Fast and astonishingly easy!

You can read more about the new version, including a quick step-by-step tutorial on the main page for the product.

Click here to learn about Motion Pictures 3

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Photo to Movie Blog

Photo to Movie 5 Released: Layouts, Effects, Backgrounds

Posted July 1st, 2011 by Chris


Photo to Movie now includes all of these outstanding features:

  • Photo Layouts Display your photos in interesting configurations such as grids and collages.
  • Photo Effects Add spectacular visual effects to your photos.
  • Motion Effects Smoothly focus on the specific parts of your photos.
  • Backgrounds Backgrounds help add style and emotion to your slide show.
  • Music and Sound Include the perfect music, sound effects, and narration.
  • Titles and Graphics High quality, unlimited titles. Title effects. Embed graphics.
  • Transitions Smoothly transition from one photo to the next using 20+ built-in transitions.
  • HD 1080p Rendering Unparalleled smooth output with no aliasing. HD, DVD, web and more.

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Photo to Movie Blog

Photo to Movie 4.7: Now With Video Clips

Posted October 9th, 2010 by Chris

This month we released Photo to Movie 4.7, which now includes support for video clips in the timeline.

Currently, Photo to Movie 4.7 is only available on Mac OS. We expect to have a Windows version available soon.

This is a free update for anyone who has license key purchased since September 2009. If your license key is older, you can upgrade to the new version for $29.95 here:

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Photo to Movie Blog

Introducing Photo to Movie 4.6

Posted June 10th, 2010 by Chris

Photo to Movie 4.6 includes some great new features. Here is a quick run down of the new features. We’ll cover these features in more detail in upcoming newsletters.

  • YouTube Upload. Added YouTube panel to Make Movie dialog.
  • iDVD Integration. Added iDVD panel to Make Movie dialog (Mac OS only).
  • Graphic Objects. Added ability to add graphics similar to how titles are added.
  • Title Linking. Added ability to link titles and graphic objects to specific photos.
  • Photo Labels. Added ability to automatically label all photos with name, date, time, etc.
  • Title Editing. Added ability to change font and color of multiple titles at once.
  • Title Alignment. Added ability to align multiple titles or graphic objects to each other.
  • Title Backgrounds. Added a panel for setting title backgrounds.

Photo to Movie Blog

Photo to Movie 4.5 Released

Posted April 15th, 2010 by Chris

Photo to Movie 4.5 is a major upgrade for Windows users, and brings some great new functionality for Mac users too.

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