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The Best Websites for Sharing Your Slideshow

Posted April 30th, 2012 by Chris

You've just created your perfect slideshow.

You've gathered your photos, arranged them in the timeline, adjusted motion effects, backgrounds, and layouts, added titles, music, transition effects, and opening and closing credits. Perfect!

Now what? How will you share it with others?

Will you share your slideshow publicly or privately?

Once you've created your slideshow, you have to decide how it will be shared. Here are some of the possibilities:

  • With family or friends.
  • Within your business.
  • For personal use only.
  • In a public forum.

Generally you will want to have permission from the people in your photo and any private property locations before sharing your slideshow in a public forum.

You should make special considerations for school and other youth slideshows. Many parents do not want their children appearing in a public forum.

Where will you share your slideshow?

You have many options for sharing your slideshow. Here are some possibilities.

On Your Computer. This option is the easiest. Render your movie to HD 1080p and play it back on your computer. You have total control of where the video is played.

On a DVD. You'll need some DVD burning software. Render your movie to 480p and burn to DVD. You can control who gets the DVD and it's very easy to play it back on any DVD player. DVD resolution is limited to 480p.

On Your Own Website. For experts only. This option is more tricky since you need to decide on what video format to use. The H.264 QuickTime video format works well across many platforms but requires you to make sensible bandwidth and resolution choices specific to your application.

On Shutterfly. Shutterfly allows you to share up to 10 videos with family and friends for free. It also has an option to upgrade to a premium plan. You can email your videos to friends and family. Render to QuickTime H.264 480p or Windows Media 480p for the standard free plan and 1080p for the premium plan. Learn more about Shutterfly video sharing.

On Facebook. You can upload your videos to Facebook and share with your Facebook friends. If everyone you want to share with is a Facebook friend, this is great option. If you want to share with people not on Facebook, your only option is to make your video public. Render to QuickTime H.264 or Windows Media 720p in 16×9 aspect ratio for best results. Learn more about Facebook video sharing.

On Vimeo. Vimeo describes itself as a community of creative people that are passionate about sharing the videos they make. It's a great place to share your slideshow. You can share your video publicly or share privately. Read about vimeo upload requirements or learn more about Vimeo video sharing.

On YouTubeYouTube is often used to share public videos. But did you know that you can share videos privately too? YouTube accepts HD video for free and is accessible across a wide range of devices and platforms. Use the built-in YouTube uploader with Photo to Movie or render your video to QuickTime H.264 1080p or Windows Media 1080p for best results.

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