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Motion Pictures Renamed to Photo to Movie Express

Posted January 10th, 2012 by Chris

In December we introduced you to Motion Pictures 3. Based on feedback from you, we decided to rename Motion Pictures 3 to Photo to Movie Express, an easy step-by-step way to quickly produce a slide show. Renaming the product allows us to represent the tight integration with Photo to Movie.

Photo to Movie Express is a user friendly application to create slide shows from your photos. Photo to Movie Express will accept just about any type of photo, add motion and captions to your photos, add a soundtrack, and share your slide show directly to Facebook, YouTube, or to a video file that can be used on a website or burned to DVD.

Photo to Movie Express can help you get a great looking slide show, fast. Using a step-by-step user interface, it guides you through the process of making a great looking slide show. You can either render your slide show directly to an HD slide show, or save it to a Photo to Movie document and use Photo to Movie 5 to customize further.

What's the difference between Photo to Movie Express and Photo to Movie 5?

Both Photo to Movie Express and Photo to Movie help you make slide shows. The difference is that Photo to Movie Express gives you a step-by-step user interface, but not much customization. Whereas Photo to Movie gives you full customization with a full featured user interface.

What can you do with Photo to Movie Express?

  • Add your photos from your photo library, no preparation needed.
  • Choose your slide show theme to get the look you want.
  • Make minor adjustments to the motion effects for each photo.
  • Add opening and closing credits and captions for each photo.
  • Use the built-in music or add your own tracks.
  • Preview and render your slide show to QuickTime H.264 or upload directly to YouTube or Facebook.
  • Save your slide show as a Photo to Movie document transfer for more detailed editing.

What can you do with Photo to Movie?

  • Add smooth polish with Photo Layouts and Backgrounds such as grids and collages.
  • Precisely adjust Motion Effects and Timing to get the effect or duration that you want.
  • Use Photo Effects to make your photos look better or draw attention using short effect bursts.
  • Enhance your slide show with your own MusicSound Effects, or Narration.
  • Transition between photos using one of the many built-in transition effects.
  • Place Captions and Titles with precise timing and positioning in your own fonts and styles.
  • Render your slide show to HD 1080p using QuickTime H.264 or Windows Media.


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