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Photo to Movie 5 Released: Layouts, Effects, Backgrounds

Posted July 1st, 2011 by Chris


Photo to Movie now includes all of these outstanding features:

  • Photo Layouts Display your photos in interesting configurations such as grids and collages.
  • Photo Effects Add spectacular visual effects to your photos.
  • Motion Effects Smoothly focus on the specific parts of your photos.
  • Backgrounds Backgrounds help add style and emotion to your slide show.
  • Music and Sound Include the perfect music, sound effects, and narration.
  • Titles and Graphics High quality, unlimited titles. Title effects. Embed graphics.
  • Transitions Smoothly transition from one photo to the next using 20+ built-in transitions.
  • HD 1080p Rendering Unparalleled smooth output with no aliasing. HD, DVD, web and more.

Learn More About Photo to Movie 5.


The one window interface to Photo to Movie makes it easy to use. Drag and drop your photos into the timeline. Choose your photo layouts and backgrounds. Photo to Movie will automatically add motion effects and transitions between photos. Add other photo and marker effects. Automatically label your photos with titles and dates. Add music and fit the photos to the music. Preview your movie and then render to HD quality. Upload to your favorite website or burn to DVD. You can make a fantastic slide show in less 30 minutes.

Download Photo to Movie 5

Download Photo to Movie

Photo to Movie 5 (Mac OS) requires Mac OS 10.6 or later. It works great on Mac OS 10.7 Lion.

Photo to Movie 5 (Windows) requires Windows XP or Windows 7.

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