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Photo to Movie 5 Released: Layouts, Effects, Backgrounds

Posted July 1st, 2011 by Chris


Photo to Movie now includes all of these outstanding features:

  • Photo Layouts Display your photos in interesting configurations such as grids and collages.
  • Photo Effects Add spectacular visual effects to your photos.
  • Motion Effects Smoothly focus on the specific parts of your photos.
  • Backgrounds Backgrounds help add style and emotion to your slide show.
  • Music and Sound Include the perfect music, sound effects, and narration.
  • Titles and Graphics High quality, unlimited titles. Title effects. Embed graphics.
  • Transitions Smoothly transition from one photo to the next using 20+ built-in transitions.
  • HD 1080p Rendering Unparalleled smooth output with no aliasing. HD, DVD, web and more.

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