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Fitting Your Photos to Music

Posted March 30th, 2011 by Chris

We get asked this question frequently on our tech support email address, so we thought we’d give a quick tip on how to fit your photos to the duration of your music.

You can automatically stretch on shrink the duration of the photo portion of your movie to match the duration of the audio portion of your movie.

First add your desired photos to your document. You should plan to add about 12 photos per minute of audio. For a typical four minute song, add approximately 50 photos.

Next add your song. Again, for a moderately paced slide show, look for a song that’s approximately long enough so that there are about 12 photos per minute.

Next, select all of the photos in your timeline. The easiest way to do this is to select one by clicking on it and then choosing the menu item Edit > Select All.

Finally, choose the menu item Audio > Fit Photos to Audio to adjust the duration of the photos.

All durations in the photo track will be stretched or shrunk proportionally so that the overall duration matches the duration of the audio tracks.

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