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Photo to Movie 4.7: Now With Video Clips

Posted October 9th, 2010 by Chris

This month we released Photo to Movie 4.7, which now includes support for video clips in the timeline.

Currently, Photo to Movie 4.7 is only available on Mac OS. We expect to have a Windows version available soon.

This is a free update for anyone who has license key purchased since September 2009. If your license key is older, you can upgrade to the new version for $29.95 here:


Video Clips in the Timeline

The main new feature in Photo to Movie 4.7 is support for embedding short video files into your slide show. This has been one of the most requested Photo to Movie features.

Please try this exciting new feature and give us your feedback.

Now you can build your slide show and include short videos. Just drag in videos from the Finder to the timeline. Supports videos in QuickTime .mov, .m4v, and .mp4 format.

You can control the timing (in/out/duration) of your video, the volume of the video, and whether it is zoomed to fit into the slide show, or cropped to fit the slide show.

The real time preview is highly dependent on your computer speed and size of the video. You should not expect to see real time previews of HD video on older machines.

For best rendering results, match the resolution of the video to the expected output resolution of the rendered slide show.

More Timeline Improvements

A more minor, but useful improvement in Photo to Movie 4.7 is the ability to resize the height of the tracks in the timeline, including an ultra-compact photo track height.

Try this feature out by resizing the tracks at the far left of the timeline. Squish your photo track to its minimum and you’ll see it’s ultra-compact size, which is useful during editing if you’re working mostly on audio or titles.

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