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Make a Summer Slide Show

Posted August 12th, 2010 by Chris


You’ve got all these photos from the summer. Now take them and make them into a slide show that you can be proud of.

Grab your favorite photos and follow these easy steps to make a slide show that will preserve the memories of summer 2010 forever.

Gather Photos Start off by gathering 25-40 photos for your slide show. Choose the photos representative of your summer, but be sure to include photos with different colors, subjects, and framing. You can always use Photo to Movie to crop your photos, but you can also crop them directly in your photo library if you’re using Adobe Lightroom, Aperture, or something similar. Use different subjects and include both close-ups and wide shots.

Add Photos to Timeline Next drag your photos into the Photo to Movie timeline. A smoothly paced slide show will show each photo for approximately 5 seconds, but you can make it slow or faster depending on your preferences. With 40 photos @ 5 seconds each, your slide show will be 200 seconds long, or just over 3 minutes. This is usually a good length for a casual slide show to show to friends and family.

Add Your Favorite Summer Song Choose a song that goes along with your summer. Again, shoot for a song that is just long enough to keep your photos on display around 5 seconds each — a song approximately 3-4 minutes long. Drag the song directly into the timeline. If the song is too long, you can use the audio editing capabilities in Photo to Movie to fade out the song early.

Fit the Photos to the Audio Photo to Movie has a one step menu item to stretch the duration of your photos to exactly match the duration of the music. Choose the menu item Audio > Fit Photos to Audio and you’re done.

Edit Photo Motion, Titles, and Graphics Now it’s time to go through each photo and make sure it’s showing at its best. Adjust the key frames to be centered on the subject matter. Using key frames with very different sizes or positions will introduce more motion into the slide show; on the other hand, using key frames with similar sizes and positions will keep things slow and smooth. Add titles manually or use Title > Label Photos… to automatically build them. Add graphics if desired.

Upload Your Movie to YouTube Photo to Movie can upload your movie directly to YouTube. This is a convenient place to put short slide shows and allows for easy distribution/viewing for your friends and family. Click Make Movie, select YouTube at the top of the window, enter your account information, and make the movie by clicking the Make Movie… button.

You’re done with your slide show. If you make something you really love, other people are going to love it too.

Photo to Movie gives you the best tools to make the slide show look how you want it to.

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