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Outdoor Photography

Posted March 3rd, 2010 by Chris

Spring is a great time to get your camera outside for some outdoor photography. A hike is a relaxing way to try out your photography skills and when you return, you can use Photo to Movie to put together a slide show of your photos.

Here are some brief tips to remember when doing outdoor photography:

  • Take your photos in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid the harsh mid-day sun.
  • Use a tripod for the sharpest photos possible.
  • Use your flash to fill-in the shadows on close-in shots.
  • Mix close-ups with wide shots, and include a variety of colors.
  • Cloudy skies generally make better photos.
  • Wind can add action. Rain can add texture.
  • Take more photos since small changes might make a good shot into a great shot.

Please also check out our user profile on Alain Briot who has used Photo to Movie to produce beautiful slide shows of his photography.

Alain Briot – Navajoland

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