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Producing HD Quality Movies

Posted July 27th, 2009 by Chris

Photo to Movie can easily produce HD quality videos. With HD quality video, you can:

  • Burn it to a Blu-ray disk
  • Upload it to video sites such as YouTube
  • Play it directly in your media center computer
  • Edit it further in applications such as Final Cut

On the Mac OS, you can render HD video in the H.264 format. Using Make Movie, select the QuickTime rendering panel. Then choose QuickTime for the movie format. Select one of the high definition formats under the settings menu. Then render your movie. You can use QuickTime Player or FrontRow to play your movie on your computer.

You can choose HD-1080p, HD-1080i, or HD-720p for the resolution. We recommend using HD-1080p (the highest quality) if your playback system will handle it properly.

On Windows, you can render HD video to Windows Media file format. Start by using Document Info to choose the file format: Windows Media. Choose a custom settings with a size of 1920×1080. Choose best quality. Now render your movie. You can use Windows Media Player to play your movie.

HD quality video takes longer to render than the equivalent SD (Standard Definition) video. However, once it is finished, you’ll have a stunning slide show that is sure to impress anyone watching!

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